Jour de neige

It’s snowing here! Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

And I envy animals and plants for some reasons …

Here is my refugee camp for these flowers which are not designed to live in a cold weather :)




There is a dove in our neighborhood that seems to be very innocent at first sight, but it happened to be a fan of cactus... I don't know where I can grow it then? Cactuses need a lot of sunshine I guess. For now, I have to put it back inside again.

crime scene

Before being eaten


New Persian Year

Today is the first day of the year in Persian Calendar , 1388/1/1
It's such a suitable time for starting a new year. You feel freshness everywhere! Trees are blooming , snow is melting down the mountains... A new start that makes you think about your past, how you've been to now and try once again to be the one you want to.

Last night I was reading my diary which I'd written 15 years ago. Honestly, I felt so stupid, cause I haven't changed in some ways.I threw them all away. 12 notebooks of diary... Don't know if it helps to move on or not, but it feels so right.

Anyway, this is our HaftSin ( Something like Christmas tree; it's an Iranian tradition), exclusively for my dear sister Afsaneh who is faraway from me :)
I thought it's more beautiful if I put it outside!

Happy new spring everyone!



Things are intricate for both of them!
Sometimes I think I've bought a one way ticket.However if you decide to never look back , it might be the best way ever...